Unique Handmade Festival and Performance Attire & Accessories for all the Free Spirits! 

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Kirsten began her performance career in 2012 that's when her love for crazy fashion began, she would design unusual costumes and create high fashion makeup looks and organised photo shoots with friends for fun.


Moving to Melbourne, Australia and experiencing the bush doofs was an eye-opener to the festival fashion world, attending festivals like Strawberry Fields, Babylon and Rainbow Serpent influenced her to create unique outfits and accessories for the free spirits for the festival and performance world.

After working at The Wilderness Festival, meeting various independent brands she realised making a career from designing and creating festival attire was not far from her reach. In 2019 she travelled around India discovering colourful materials, extraordinary embroidery and patterns like nothing she has ever seen before. Travelling on long train journeys gave her a lot of time to sketch ideas of what she wanted to finally create.

Since establishing Kirsten has travelled to Australia to showcase her first collection at the RAW's runway show in Melbourne. The Disco Spirits are now a team of various circus performers and professional dancers who have performed for DJs such as Carl Cox and Alan Fitzpatrick. 




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